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It does not take much to create a bit of banking which dramatically adds to traction and realism.
Real race tracks widen at turns, and yours should too.So on a 4 car 1/32 AC2Car track a total width of 8 is all thats required on straight sections.(Conventional 8 car wood tracks are over 28 inches wide!) In all cases 1/32 scale AC2Car designed tracks are separated by a 2 3/4 space between the groups of slots.Its not hard to do and I highly recommend.Finally, 3/8 of banking every 6 will make a turn almost fool proof.Now that we know the optimum AC2Car slot pattern to make it work, an AC2Car track need not be put on CAD unless you actually like doing that.We laid out and built the outer perimeter of the track in the space allowed, then designed the inner turns to fit the space as tight as possible.Slot Cars for Life, this is what started it all: My original 1974 AFX Handbook.This is done by following the pattern for laying out slots for AC2Car tracks shown in Drawing #1.The 2 years of computer aided design put into Northline Raceway, might have been better used creating sawdust.
Banking, egeskov slot hotel cars fishtailing way out on a 3skid apron looks cool, but not only is it unrealistic, its far slower.
Design: Computer Aided.
Just banking the turn measured at its peak 1/8 for every 6 makes the cars handle better.
Although the basic cutting framing and routing foto casino macau of an AC2Car track and a conventional track are similar, note that there are differences in the AC2Car system of track design that will be outlined below.
The distance from the outer slot edges to the road edges is 1 3/4 minimum.
Afterall, he was the one with the 1/32nd scale Strombecker set.They have been proven out on my Northline track.You will find that if you design it on the tube, then cut it out full scale to match the drawing, there will be tons of changes to get it to fit right.The distance from the outside slot to a wall or guard rail affects whether a car can lean on it to increase speed.Given that with AC2Car electronics two cars share each lane with independent control, a lane change area is required, and a unique pattern of slots must be cut all the way around the track.Also, a how-to section showing Dave actually routing slots will be coming later too.Well, it only took about 20 years but I finally did.Note that in Lufs video, and other past how-to magazine articles, the instructions are directed toward building a typically wide, pass anywhere, style of slot car track.With 3 a driver can touch the wall, but the attitude of the car is such that speed is scrubbed off.