Kapchin made a pair of eights on the jack-high flop and shoved 178 million after Hulk9950 led out.
There was an ace on the flop and an elimination at the final table.
IT'S NO USE: Aku1206 eliminated in 7th place.Linde moved all-in for.9 million in that last hand and Sasuke234 called for.3 million.Justin Bonomo, bonomo's bubble doubles had come to an end, the other table did the popping.A jack on the flop and a jack on the turn spelled doom for Bonomo and he won 43,985.00 for the 5th place finish.Andy Mcleod smelled blood in the water.The Stars Group owns a majority shareholding in iBus Media.ZeeJustin: 2 hour 28 minute bubble for those keeping track.
The next hand would be deadly.
IT takeot TO laugh, IT takerain TO CRY: Naza114 eliminated in 5th place.
Only the top 16 places paid out with 72,600 set aside to the champ, and 43,560 for the runner-up.Linde moved all-in for.2 million from the button with AQ and Apotheosis92 called from the big blind with.Apotheosis92: pretty sure its ur fault.Andy Mcleod check-raised all-in on a flop of Q62.No matter what, everyone min-cashed for at least 4,840.In a pugnacious bout that lasted ten frantic levels, _TheJds_delivered the crushing knockout blow to step into the winner's circle and stone-cold deny Andy Mcleod his fifth title.Shortly after, a large three-way sats elixia bonus logg inn pot started with.4 million-chip raise from FrCnnctn1960 with ace-jack suited.Sasuke234 did score a double, but the Swedish player couldn't survive the second.

He took down several pots for the next hour and took out Apotheosis92 to start heads-up with a 2-1 lead.
Stuck in the depths of Level 10, Highroller35 trailed 3-1 in chips and made a final stand with akqq and a pair of Queens.