po do poker chips

In addition to those listed, I have more for sale.
ONE little problem: there are actually 201 chips that you will be receiving (click the link above for the picture; the monogram inlays are, of course, on both sides of each chip 50 mint red F's; 50 mint white Fs; 49 mint yellow Fs, plus.The reds and blues are near-mint. .All chips are uniform, original set. .I must have put this set together from two sets of Victor chips.I strongly recommend these boxes - they are economical.40 to 75 S84 125 white 75 red 50 blue 50 yellow 300 total Victor design.Two pairs of cards, like two 5s and two.
Now, every player will take a look at their cards and choose whether or not to bet.
Almost no small edge nicks.
These are embossed wood chips, and, as you can see, have "Pla-M-Well" embossed on them. .
No problems other than some soilage from use; you might want to clean the set.
and 48 mint blue F chips, plus 2 mint blue K chips (same size, color, thickness, no deposit bonus pokerstars 2017 round edge, etc.).The chip box would proclaim, "Another Pla-Wood Product." They also made plain wood poker chips.100 S24 sold 150 white 150 red 100 blue 400 total sold SFR-Jockey on Horse,.You may buy either the whole 300-chip set, or just 100 chips.Some inlays have yellowed. .Three of a kind, like three.Royal Flush, which is a straight flush containing a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.They were called "Galolith" in William Rott's (N.Y.C.) 1928 catalog.Note the "H" rim mold design frederikssund slot of dwards., NYC. .Click here to see all three colors.Click here to see pictures of these antique chips and to read the story about the club bar.350 other sets order # picture colors/number Seymour: code, name, page condition comments price S72 25 yellow 50 red 50 navy blue 75 white 200 total 200-chip ivory poker chip set, in Victorian-era "poker chip casket." full size 1-7/16 inch chips.