Swank in All Roads.
The Aces theater Edit Main article: The Aces The player character can buy a drink or watch one of the shows and acts that are going.From The Vault - Fallout Wiki.Proof can also be found along the way such as Benny's lighter, and distinctive cigarettes, along with other proof that can sway Swank.As they worked, a number of House's Securitrons dropped off boxes with suits, ties, and wingtip shoes, together with a message from their employer announcing they were the Chairmen now.The silence is deafening.The behavior of this script can be exploited to gain access to the sub-basement by causing Benny to flee, and killing him before he can reach the sub-basement elevator.Any other trigger for him to flee will work, however if he makes it to the 13th floor elevator he may outrun the player.This can be the start of a beautiful friendship." ( Benny's dialogue ).E.The wall that circles the courtyard is not present on the Strip.If the Courier convinces Swank that Benny is planning something under.Main room Another angle Conference room The study General use bathroom Suite bedroom Bedroom bathroom Kitchen Courtyard edit edit source Main article: The Tops courtyard The courtyard is a recreational area, offering a pool surrounded by lush vegetation, including palm trees.Tricking the script in this way is the only way to gain access to the sub-basement on a console; on the PC version players can simply use the "Unlock" console command to unlock the door.
House for information on his whereabouts.".
15 It is essentially a luxurious flat, offering a conference room, bedroom, kitchen, and, of course, the beautiful main room, among other amenities.
We'll do that shortly.
House's back, Swank asks the Courier what he wants.
Thought he was so tough, but he was so slow.
If patch.06 is installed, there will be a wall separating the reception area and the casino floor.If the Courier says he/she wants to take Benny out now.Restaurant Edit Main article: The Tops restaurant A bartender sells an assortment of drinks.The weapons will be automatically returned to the player character's inventory when they leave and the player character the option to hide holdout weapons if they can pass the required Sneak check.There are two identical scripts/quests (VTopsKickedOutSide VTopsKickedOut - I'm pretty sure the "side" one is for the long abandoned Tops side entrance) that handle this by forcing the Tops greeter nordicbet casino bettingexpert to come after the player, but they are deliberately dismantled so never run.Wide-angle shot 13th floor edit edit source Main article: 13th floor The 13th floor contains Benny's personal suite, as well as hotel rooms.Choose a fine wine, order the Brahmin steak rare, and have a good time, baby!This floor number is considered unlucky, and many hotels and apartment buildings deliberately do not assign a floor this number.Inside his Hotel room is of course the secret back area with Yes Man, but also a further corridor area with a locked door at the end.Main pit Gallery overlooking the main casino pit Entrances to the restaurant and the suite Slots pit Hallway to the elevators and courtyard Cashier's office Interior Gambling edit edit source The player will be permanently banned from casino games if they win 10,000 chips.The northern wing is a large open roulette css animation space, holding roulette and blackjack tables in the pit.As he never goes inside it, unlocking it is completely unnecessary.Instead in the final game this is bypassed in favour of telling the player to search his Tops suite in order to find Yes Man.16 17 Basement area The most important dwellers of the Tops are high ranking Chairmen, including Benny, their leader, Swank, his second in command, and Tommy Torini, the talent agent for the Aces theater.